Arc90 Lab : Flex Collapsible Panel Component

Here’s some more Arc90 love for you (I’ll stop after this post, I swear). We’ve put out a handy little collapsible panel Flex component. It’s pretty slick and dead simple to implement in your Flex or Air applications.

Look out for more Flex and Air components and libraries on the Arc90 Lab & Blog.

Until then, start collapsing (and expanding)!

7 Comments Arc90 Lab : Flex Collapsible Panel Component

  1. JabbyPanda

    Good work with UI !
    And I liked source code of your CollapsiblePanel too.
    The only small glitch is that page features SWF file with debug informattion embedded, raises a popup windown in my installed Flash Debug player.
    We have developed our own CollapsiblePanel solution too, but had not released a code yet, although I think we can demo our CollapsiblePanel online if you will be interested.

  2. andyl

    Thanks for the heads up. Still getting used to the new workflow in Flex Builder 3. I recompiled a release version for the example and pushed it out to the server. I’d be interested to see how your CollapsiblePanel works, where it differs, where we went the same way, etc. Thanks again.

  3. JabbyPanda

    Hah, I got the point with the link “Discuss CollapsiblePanel” – it is an anchor link to the section “Discuss CollapsiblePanel” at the bottom of the page.
    I personally would prefer this link to be a direct link, otherwise I was confused.

  4. Jeremy

    I’m new to flex and this is my first component to download. It’s exactly what I needed, thanks! I have one problem though I’m wondering if you can help me with. If I embed some collapsible panels into another collapsible panel, everything work will perfect at first. If I expand an inside panel, then the outer panel will expand with it to accomodate the contents (fits to content without scroll bars). This is what I want. However, once I collapse and then re-expand the outer panel, this auto-grow function doesn’t work anymore. Expanding the inside children will not cause the outer to expand and I’ll get scrollbars. I’ve been trying to fix it myself in your source code but have been unsuccessful. There’s no resizeToContent property or similar on Panel. Any ideas? Thanks!!

  5. John Moore

    If you add this to the script, it should work.
    override protected function updateDisplayList (unscaledWidth:Number, unscaledHeight:Number):void{
    if (_open) height = openHeight;


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