Source Of Inspiration : Brooklyn, New York

For most of my life I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. After traveling around a good amount, I can confidently say Brooklyn is an amazing place. It’s wildly rich and diverse. It’s unique from Manhattan island in that all these cultures and nationalities plant roots in Brooklyn (rather than just pass through as many do in Manhattan).


Brooklyn is the antithesis of everything we’ve grown to loathe about suburban sprawl and American homogeneity. Like anything or anyone with real character, it’s flaws are what make it so unique and memorable. After experiencing the sterility and predictability of Anytown, USA, I’ve come to really appreciate what Brooklyn is all about. It’s in a constant state of transformation and change, all the while retaining it’s dizzying kaleidoscope of culture and ethnicity. It is, at its core, a very human place.

The New York Times has a nice write-up and slideshow on Brooklyn Storefronts. It’s a new book of photographed Brooklyn storefronts taken by Paul Lacy. From the publisher: Brooklyn’s storefronts are a vibrant canvas that reflects the changing trends and distinct character of this dynamic community.

If you’re a designer, artist or just someone interested in how people from just about everywhere live and interact in the same place, do yourself a service and make it out to Brooklyn. It’s not only about the Dodgers and Coney Island.

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  1. Patrick Haney

    I’ve been to Manhattan a million times now, but just recently went to Brooklyn for the first time.I think I avoided it for so long because of the draw of the big city, but I’m glad I finally got to visit. There’s a lot of character in Brooklyn, from the shops to the bakeries to the architecture, not to mention the people. I’ll definitely go back sometime.


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