I Have Seen The Future And It Is PicLens

For the uninitiated, PicLens is a full screen visual browser of photos and videos. It’s available for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. It is a very fast, very slick, frankly awesome way to view visual assets on your computer. I’m not one to play fan boy of any technology, but Piclens is just too good. Here’s their promo video:

The progress loading of Google Image search results is really something. PicLens works with Flickr, Youtube and other photo and video sites. The beta (found here) lets you browse and view news, sports and photo assets. It’s a great way to glance at news stories.

There’s been a bit of buzz lately around "visual browsing." Apple has made coverflow a major part of Leopard’s Finder and companies like Searchme are betting their future on "visual searching." I don’t think visual searching or browsing works for all types of assets, but for pics and videos, it really is great…and nothing does it better than PicLens.

Now if we can just convince the PicLens guys to add RSS feeds…

8 Comments I Have Seen The Future And It Is PicLens

  1. Tomd

    One of the coolest features of PicLens is a FireFox only ‘trick’ (from the website) that allows you to PicLens browse local image files. Searching my photos via Explorer is a thing of the past!
    [So you don’t have to look, just navigate to the the file location in FireFox and click the PicLens icon in the top right corner of the browser].

  2. John Chaffins

    Fantastic find. Thanks for sharing this. I wonder if this will be incorporated into iPhoto in the same way that coverflow was first incorporated into iTunes and then into the Finder in Leopard?


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