Rounded Corners, I Still Love You has been rolling for a few years now and I have to confess that I have a bit of a mini-relationship with every blog post. They’re sort of like your kids. You do what you can, but in the end you really don’t know how they’re gonna turn out.

Early on, when Digg was actually still cool, got slammed a few times after landing on Digg’s front page, and one of my favorite posts made it up there. The headline tells the whole story: Why Do We Love Rounded Corners? (It’s also with great pride that I’d note that a "love rounded" search on Google yields this post as the top result).

Frankly, the post is ok. I put forth some interesting thoughts, but it’s far from exceptional. But the comment thread. That’s a whole other story. Yeh it’s on my blog (so apply the usual bias disclaimer), but it’s really one of the most entertaining threads I’ve ever read. In essence, people decided to give their own theories on why we love rounded corners. It’s all well worth reading, but here’s a few choice samples:

Why? easy: women have rounded ‘corners’. It is something you can stroke… :-)

Rounded corners render objects less susceptible to damage and wear, and less likely to cause the same. Sharp corners can rip pockets etc. Rounded corners simply make the object more robust.

As children we discover sharp corners hurt, so we quickly learn to avoid them and develop a preference for smoother, rounder corners.

Breasts are curved.
Ergo ….

"some guy designed the room I’m standing in
another built it with his own tools
who says I like right angles?
these are not my laws
there are not my rules"
-ani difranco

Who gives a fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it is just the designer conspirator so they will make more money and give the developers and manufacturers hard life!!!!!! Long live simple design!!!!!

There is actually a basis in human vision for rounded vs. squared corners. Studies that track eye movements have shown an attraction to features such as corners. Use of rounded corners will serve to exert less distracting pull on a viewer’s gaze.

In chinese, we have a word similar: "無菱無角", describes people do not figtht againt other, like a rounded object, never smash others.

Then there’s my personal favorite:

I love rounded corners, i think it’s DNA…Woman have already round boobs, for over thousands of years…

I won’t speculate as to the shape of women’s breasts prior to thget ie "round era" outlined above.

I’ve since shut off comments on the post (too much spam pollution). I can safely say that this post has that rare trait that most blog posts don’t: it’s an unplanned work of collaboration.

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