"I’ve Got A Great Idea! Now What?"

Ideas are what make any organization evolve and adapt. Whether large or small, new ideas challenge the status quo and aspire to a better of way of doing things. The germination of an idea is an oddly singular, individual experience. Yeh, you may pitch something to your office neighbor and a furious brainstorming session may ensue, but in the beginning it’s just you and your idea.

In any organization today, it’s tough to get ideas out. Yeh, you may blurt out an idea at some company meeting (even though it’s slightly off-topic) or you may let one fly at the tail-end of an email thread, but let’s face it: sharing ideas is hard.

Antenna And the bigger your organization, the tougher it is to share your ideas. Only the most arrogant and presumptuous among would hit up the all@yourcompany.com email address. So how do we get our ideas across today? Well, the brave among us will politic and plot subliminal propaganda campaigns to insinuate our idea into an organization. The reality is that most of us will do nothing. And that’s too bad, for both ourselves and more importantly the collective good of the organization as a whole.

Introducing : Kindling!

imageI’m very proud to announce Arc90’s very first product endeavor: Kindling. Kindling is a web-based idea harvesting tool for groups and organizations. Simply sign up, invite some users and start sharing, voting up and acting on ideas. You can learn a bit more about Arc90’s daring foray into the Wild World Of Products by reading Tim Meaney’s post on the Arc90 blog.

Instead of hearing me ramble on about how much cuter Kindling is than all the other kids, just watch this brief intro video:

We’re now accepting invites to our public beta. If you’d like to set up your group, company or organization with your very own instance of Kindling (e.g. mycompany.kindling.com), don’t hesitate to request an invite.

Update: ReadWriteWeb has put up a quick review of Kindling.

2 Comments "I’ve Got A Great Idea! Now What?"

  1. Marco Menendez

    From someone who works in conjunction with the Arc developers on a regular basis, these guys never cease to impress me.
    Congrats on your first app release, looking forward to see what other Aces you have up your sleeve.


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