The Greatest iPhone Application Ever (So Far At Least)

I bitch a lot on ("bitch" being a slang term for "thoughtful analysis" of course) but every so often, I’m floored by something really, really good. I’m as psyched as the next iPhone user for all the new apps coming out for it, but one really stands out: Instapaper.

screenshot4 Marco Arment’s Instapaper (the web version) does a great job as a lightweight mark-to-read-later tool as it is. It queues up articles, blog posts or whatever that you can then come back to later and read in either web or a stripped-down text view. The iPhone app takes it to a whole new lever with offline reading of both web and text views, all delivered in a snappy native app.

Yeh, there are all kinds of cool (and ridiculous) apps for the iPhone, but Instapaper adds a dimension of usefulness that really elevates it to a whole new level. Pass on Super Monkey Ball and iBeer and grab this guy. It’s great.

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