What Is The World’s Greatest Brownie?

Basement.org since its inception has rarely strayed from it’s usual sphere of subject matter: technology, design and such. So today’s post is something of a landmark (or something).

I want to discover the best tasting brownie in the world.

So how do we come upon such a discovery? Well, the criteria is pretty straightforward. You tell me about a particular brand of brownie. I will order some (or if possible purchase some on foot). Then I will eat them. Once I’ve eaten them, I will make a judgment. Yes, this all sounds very unscientific and subjective. I’m OK with that. There will be one judge assisting me. He is a friend of mine named Larry Becker. He loves chocolate…very much.

There is one other criteria worth mentioning: the brownies can’t be flavored. No orange zest. No chiles or peppers. No raspberry or fruit. I’ll confess I’m something of a chocolate purist. I don’t even want nuts in my brownie (TWSS). They…how shall I say…corrupt the experience.

So let it begin. Please email me or leave a comment below recommending what you believe to be the world’s best-tasting brownie.

classic I’ll start things off: The first purchase I’ll be making will be from Mari’s of New York. They tout "luxuriously rich, artisanal fudgy brownies." We’ll see about that. I’ve ordered the classic box of 6. $25 including shipping. Ouch.

Stay tuned. This is the real Olympics. The Brownie Olympics.

5 Comments What Is The World’s Greatest Brownie?

  1. Samaya

    I don’t mean to get everybody involved in our personal life but I hope you’re just having a BITE of each brownie, otherwise we’re gonna have marriage problems :P:P ( bring some home :D )

  2. Alex Moyler

    I have to say, I make a pretty mean tasty brownie from a family recipe which most people say is better than any shop-bought thing. Would send some but they’d likely die during shipping.

  3. Rebekah Greer

    I really love the Double Chocolate Buttercream Brownies from M&M Meatshops… maybe not the best brownies on earth but defuinately worth a taste!

  4. Larry Becker

    Seeing it as I’ve been referenced here, I guess it’s only fitting for me to chime in.
    Dead on about the addition of nuts, or any fruit in or on the brownie…it’s kinda like loading up a burger with cheese, onions, ketchup, mustard and whatever else people throw on there which does nothing but conceal the flavor. You can’t even taste the meat by that point! I take purist to a level of different proportions I suppose. Or maybe I just have other issues. Often heard during my ordering process… “yes, just the meat and the bun”
    But back to the brownie. This sounds like an exciting competition, as long as Rich keeps financing ’em… I’m sure there’s a way this can be written off with some creative accounting.
    Also, the competition will not be complete without me providing some of what I consider to be the best of the boxed mix brownies. Yeh, it ain’t all about the fancy gourmet shop. Prepared properly (NOT OVERMIXED or OVERBAKED), Ghirardelli has what I believe to be one of the best brownies out there. Totally different league than say, Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker… those are just crap.


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