Arc90 Wallpapers Theme : Brooklyn, Guns And Technology

One of the fun little traditions we have here at Arc90 is the semi-annual unveiling of oddly-themed T-shirts. We’ve had three designs done so far but the first design is the most interesting:


In essence, it’s a shirt with a gun on it. I wanted to do another run but we opted to view it as a rare commodity and leave only 20 or so existing in the world (don’t be fooled by imitations being sold in Chinatown).

So what’s the gun and military-style font all about? I’m not entirely certain. It’s partly a reaction (with a bit of a snicker) to where we’ve ended up: from an apartment in Brooklyn to the monolithic glass towers of Midtown Manhattan.

Above all else, the "gun" shirt is about disruption. It’s about challenging convention and questioning the typical groupthink that plagues most traditional tech shops or IT departments. Back in the day (the "day" being four years ago), Arc90 formed its philosophy: a bold reaction to the stagnant, follow-the-nonsense-you-read-in-eWeek world where CIO’s scrutinize gap analysis reports of which bloatware they’re going to buy and "implement" next. We embraced and welcomed new, creative ways to build great technology.

Now in the spirit of all this, I’d love to give every one of you a t-shirt, but that’s obviously not going to happen. Instead, I whipped up some desktop and iPhone wallpapers that attempt to capture some of that grittiness. It’s a nice contrast from our fairly conservative corporate web site. Simply click on the image below to download a zip file with all these images:


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