Breaking News: Windows 7 Is Vista

The buzz around Windows 7 is starting to build. Since it was formally introduced by the Windows 7 team, the speculation about features, date of release is starting to get louder and louder. We can all start to hear the humming of the Microsoft PR machine: “The days of suffering through Vista are nearly over. We’re going to right this ship with a new and improved, streamlined operating system.

windows7 Guess what kids: Windows 7 is just Vista…with some more stuff. It’ll feel faster and more responsive in some key areas because the Vista team will have finally gotten the opportunity to do the various pieces right. In fact, Microsoft has already drastically improved Vista. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now and the various upgrades (Search 4.0, the Service Pack) have improved things dramatically. The operating system runs very nicely for me.

But all these patches and repairs aren’t going to repair one key bug: the stigma and negative sentiment around Windows Vista. You can’t combat that negativity with a laundry list of patches and updates.

So what do you do if you’re Microsoft? Purge the Vista name and move on. The number “7” just sounds more efficient and streamlined. Yeh, there are a handful of “features” that look more like new mini-apps than a true overhaul. And of course, you’ve got the benefit of a tweaking and cleaning up Vista. Personally, I think Vista has matured into a capable, reliable operating system. But alas, fixing software is one thing, fixing perception is a whole other thing.

I’ve reviewed the changes in 7 and honestly, it looks really promising. The mindset seems to be all about streamlining and improving the user experience. I’m all for it. But don’t be fooled. This is Microsoft rebooting the Windows brand.

16 Comments Breaking News: Windows 7 Is Vista

  1. Darth Guybrush

    You are a fuckwit if you think Vista is so bad. Read my lips “fuckwit:. DOn;t like WIndows? Fuck off to something else!

  2. Shimju David

    Yes from Microsoft’s point of view- launching the updated vista as new operating system will turn good, but for existing vista users its like cheating them. They are f–cked up buying it and they had to spend again in a year for getting an updated version of their already purchased operating system.
    If MS do this then they are not doing justice to their customer. I wish they should give the update as a service pack to existing VISTA customers and sell them as new branded operating system to new customers.

  3. Alex

    I think Darth had a Linux server dropped on his head as a child. :S Chill dude.
    Let’s just hope that they have got the changes right this time. Apple rebooted the brand with OSX (admit it, OS9 was fugly) and that was one of the best things to happen to the community.

  4. niklas

    jag tycker det är inte värt pengar att satsa på windows vista det är bara skräp och inga ms-dos o andra viktiga saker i vista som inte följer med i dvd skivan det kostar mera pengar för ett mindre operaktiv system som bara slungar stora mägder gb i onödan och hindrar de snabbaste proccessor att gå som den ska plus många fuktioner finns inte i vista tex defrag och ms-dos och hård varu stöd m.m det är nästan bara skräp pogram tex virus och sånt redan i dvd skivan som med följer windows vista och bios kan bli förstörd av vista

  5. Neil

    I dont know about a server being dropped on Darth’s head but something must of maybe his mother dropped him on his head … he some messed up dude….. I tried and tested both the 32bit and the 64bit versions of Windows 7 and I was really impressed by the performance it gave to my pc. I used 3DMark Vantage and other benchmarking utilities to test the gaming and overral performance of this OS. I must admit it does seemed to be a working vista. If anyone remembers back in the day when XP was first released it had quite a few bugs and compatibility issues. It seems to be a Microsoft theme to release an OS ( XP, Vista etc) that has more bugs in it than an ant farm. Im not pro Microsoft nor am I anti (pun intended) Microsoft I just want value for money and get a working OS which is hassle free.

  6. Anonymous

    Your so stupid. Windows Vista is slow because they only worked on the graphics. So people used XP because it was faster… Windows 7 is basically has the graphics of Vista but has the speed of XP. Besides it hasn’t came out so how are you suppose to know everything about it dipshit.

  7. Sourcedude

    Windows 7 is going to be an interesting version. More compatible devices, run on minimum specs (netbooks for example) and very intuitive. If anyone of you are a Microsoft expertzone member, you can learn alot about the OS with some promising rewards.

  8. stratattack

    Hey Anonymous dipshit, vista has been available for over a year. before you attempt to bash people you should do a little research.


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