Everlasting Love In Product Development

As Arc90 continues towards redefining itself as not only a world class technology and design consultancy but as a product company, I’ve come to some realizations.

The path from product inception to product launch is a long one. Initially, there’s a high. The idea and vision feels fresh, strong and invincible. We throw around cool ideas that get us jazzed up. It’s a giddy time. It’s no wonder. It’s in that phase that we tend to idealize the great potential of what may come about. It’s a “honeymoon” phase.

As time goes by, and as the “newness” of it all begins to wear off, a harsher reality sets in. That newness is replaced by a feeling of being around each other just a bit too long. Still, we’ve committed to each other (us and the product that is) and we must see this thing through. Doubt and uncertainty inevitably seeps in. A desire for something fresh and new lingers, but there’s work to be done.

At Arc90, we’re nearing the homestretch for Kindling, our exciting new hosted idea management tool. It actually hasn’t been that long of a road compared to other ventures that can take years. Still, we’re in the midst of the less glamorous, less differentiating aspects of the effort. Things like security and payment gateways and handling all sorts of mundane logic. In other words, we’re in deep: for better or for worse.

People say “relationships take work.” You have to make certain you’re truly committed to one another and willing to work through the tougher and less idyllic times. Above all else, make sure someone (or even better, a few people) are passionate about and are in love with what you’re creating. That passion will carry you through the tougher days.

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  1. Mike Cavaliere

    Well said. I can relate to the “honeymoon effect” wearing off as deadlines approach, especially on long-term projects.
    Although I do find that following the Agile approach can help with that aspect; if a project gets completed one solid chunk at a time, it sometimes leaves more room for innovations at different intervals…which can extend the honeymoon a bit.


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