The 2008 Cold Mud Brownie Olympics : The Winner!

A few days ago, we announced the World Class athletes that competed for the top prize in our 2008 Cold Mud Brownie Olympics. It was a tough race but the time has come and results are in.

indexchunknobox The winner, after much deliberation (preceded by much ingestion) is New York Brownies Chocolate Chunk! As we’ve mentioned previously, this is a big, moist (but not too moist) fresh and very tasting brownie. New York Brownies didn’t go over the top with fancy packaging and other silliness. Even their website is a bit Spartan. But pay that no mind, the focus is in the right place. This is the best brownie of the bunch. Don’t fear mail-ordering these brownies. As soon as you open that white box, the rich cocoa flavor kicks you in the head.

Honorable mention also goes to Dancing Dear for delivering and solid brownie as well as Schmerty’s Blazer variety for its original style and salty flavor.

Now that the quest is over, it’s back to’s regularly scheduled programming…

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