The Single Most Effective Way To Completely Mock Any Video (Pretty Much Not-Safe-For-Anything)

No, I have not lost my mind and forgotten about design and technology and the Internet. Yes, we will be returning to our regular programming, but first…I must share this:

A few weeks ago, I stumbled on a Youtube gem that involves Russian children sliding down what looks like an inflatable…umm…well just look:

Now before you unsubscribe and never visit again, hear me out. Yes, this is very funny for all the wrong reasons but if you turn your audio on, you’ll witness true genius at work. See, whoever stumbled on this most ridiculous video felt compelled to marry it with someone hand-farting Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. You can find a video of the performance right here. Whoever chose to merge such visual and sonic absurdity is a true genius.

Soon after discovering this gem, I came to appreciate something more about that audio: it is, universally, the single most effective way to completely mock and ridicule anything else you’re watching. Try it. Pull up any video, whether T. Boone Pickens rambling on about wind power or Bernanke and Paulson expounding on matters they don’t seem to fully grasp in the first place, mute the audio on the video and then just play the hand-farting Rhapsody. It works like a charm.

To make life easier for everyone, I’ve extracted the audio and put it into an mp3 file which you can download:

Note, I’m pretty sure this interpretation of this Queen classic falls within the realm of “fair-use” or “derivative work” or something, so the RIAA wouldn’t want to come near this one.

Let’s just say it makes the world a better place and leave it at that.

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