Does Anybody Use Trackbacks Anymore?

Does anyone use trackbacks anymore? Is it dead and/or de facto dead? I’m thinking of removing it from

Also, while I’m at it, does anyone give a crap about Technorati tags? Heh.

8 Comments Does Anybody Use Trackbacks Anymore?

  1. Avi Flax

    I can’t answer your questions, but I will say this: neither should be present in visual representations of posts, as rendered in browsers. Both should be handled automatically by software, behind the scenes.
    The page I’m looking at right now emphasizes my point: the Trackback Pings section is above the comments section, and it’s just as big! Is it really more important than comments? I think not.

  2. Lewis

    The problem is, they’re very easy to spam with, and as mentioned before they take precedence over actual comments which is just stupid as they’re less relevant. They should be smaller and less emphasised.

  3. JesterXL

    Agree on the size, disagree on relevance. I like knowing who’s linking to me, and what they are saying. Same goes for other posts; it’s nice to hear people’s take on someone else’s blog entry as they can add context or additional thoughts.

  4. Darren Hoyt

    I still enjoy trackbacks for seeing what others are saying, but agree it’s secondary information. You could always display comments by default and hide the list of trackbacks behind a show/hide tab.


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