Cue Up Your Brilliance : Kindling Escapes!

For the better part of 2008, we’ve been using a tool for harvesting and collaborating around ideas at Arc90 that we built ourselves called Kindling. Kindling proved so valuable for us that we decided it was something that many other groups or businesses would find useful.

Fast forward to today, and the shingle is officially up. Kindling is available to the masses at

In a matter of minutes, you can have a place to share ideas with others in your group or company. Here’s the two-minute pitch :

Kindling is the brainchild of Chris Dary, one of the talented engineers here at Arc90. While Chris planted the seed for Kindling, it was truly a group effort. Nearly everyone in the company visited the effort in one capacity or another. I’m standing on my chair at this very moment (don’t ask how I’m typing) applauding everyone at Arc90. We’re really proud of the results. Kindling’s ease-of-use belies its true power: providing a platform to find, bubble up, build upon and cash in on great ideas within groups.

Kindling is available under a no-obligation 30-day trial. It takes less than a minute to get started. You don’t even have to enter your billing information. We hope you’ll find it as useful (and fruitful) as we have here at Arc90.

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  1. brian

    It would be of value if you could have a facility to email this page, from this page. A quick way to share this idea.


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