Here Comes The Hurricane. Let’s Go Surfing!

Yes, these are trying days for most businesses. Cutbacks, layoffs, the rounds of statistics seems never-ending. It all seems to be signaling the same thing:

Hunker down, board up the windows and ride out the storm.

This looks like prudent advice, but that’s not what everyone is doing. In the midst of all this chaos and uncertainty, some actually take risks and exploit the dynamics at play.

Tim Meaney’s maiden blog post on the brand-spankin’ new Kindling blog explores these ideas further:

Companies that invest in their future during this period, a period where existing markets are shrinking or drying up entirely, stand a better chance of emerging out of this in a stronger position than competitors that do not.

Well put.

For the unfamiliar, the Kindling Blog is a resource for discussions around innovation and ideas within groups, and of course Kindling.

Note: The title for this post was inspired by this dude:

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