NY Times Article Skimmer : Better Than The Real Thing

Man if there ever were an argument for “less is more” the NY Times Article Skimmer is a score for “less”:


Put simply, it’s better than the NY Times front page because:

  • It loads really fast.
  • It compartmentalizes information so I don’t see the 560 links and blurbs all at once, and of course…
  • It has no ads.

The last point is obviously a sore spot for newspapers online these days. Most are really struggling to figure out how to stay viable as the world goes electronic. I think this prototype is a lesson learned: keep things neat and orderly and don’t turn your web presence into the Magical Mystery Tour.

If that commitment is made, I think newspapers will be pleasantly surprised. In my opinion, people would pay for this peace and quiet. Also, if you tastefully dropped an ad (one single ad instead of eleven plus Google Adwords) few people would mind.

2 Comments NY Times Article Skimmer : Better Than The Real Thing

  1. Terry Heaton

    Great piece, Richard. Don’t you ever wonder why media companies refuse the simplicity of the blog format, something that was created by the Web for the Web? In today’s world, I cannot explain the love affair with the Magical Mystery Tour. Maybe I’m just not smokin’ the right stuff.

  2. tom

    I have mixed feelings about it. I kind of liked it initially, but after just a minute or two that stopped. The animation is choppy, jarring and distracting. Why do I need to pretend I’m looking at some kind of virtual scroll? I think the existing NY Times front pages is much better (for a computer screen, anyway). On a mobile browser, this could be helpful.


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