Two Excellent Documentaries On The Financial Crisis

If most of us weren’t interested in global or U.S. economics, we sure are now. The flow of news over the past twelve months or so is pervasive. I’m the first to admit I’m a layman when it comes to this stuff.

If you’re looking to understand things a bit better, there are two documentaries that recently aired that are well worth viewing:

  • Frontline (one of my favorite programs) has a riveting hour-by-hour, day-by-day account of meltdown that took down some of the biggest banks on Wall Street. It’s called Inside the Meltdown and it’s as riveting as any episode of 24 (trust me). It is available for viewing online.
  • CNBC’s House Of Cards (not available online) provides the back story of the past five years and how everyone in the U.S. real estate market collectively lost their minds.

Who needs the Bourne series when real life is as exciting as this?

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