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I am a hypocrite.

First I share with the world that I hate all Mac users. One year later, I cave in and buy a Macbook Pro. Around the same time I picked up my beloved Macbook Pro (and simultaneously began hating myself), I said this about Twitter:

[Twitter is] inherently evil. It combines two things I despise: unnecessary noise and people who need to be acknowledged every three minutes. It’s as if we didn’t exist unless we twittered.

Bzzzt! Wrong again. Follow me on Twitter.

My goal is to condense insights into a highly-concentrated, fully pasteurized 140 characters. I’ll use it sparingly and wisely. And for now, I will use it with just a tinge of shame.

Above all else, I want to learn more about it. It’s proving to be a great way to make “announcements” around your company or product. RSS was supposed to do this but it never stuck. It also seems to be a great way to get a question answered. And last but not least, there’s Twitter search, which seems to have mind-blowing potential.

I’m wary of fads and trends. I’m also very wary of speaking to the same ol’ technically inclined audience and getting stuck there. I’m also fairly certain (nearly 100% certain) that you don’t care to know what I had for breakfast.


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  1. Gary Gilbert

    welcome to the club.
    1) Just ordered a MBP though I don’t really agree with Apples policies on just about anything. But I refuse to admit I am jumping on the band wagon ( I don’t have an iPhone and like to believe that I will never own one)
    2) Started twittering about a month ago after realizing that perhaps, just perhaps I had been wrong about this particular social system. So check my noise out

  2. Jen

    haha. Consider yourself followed.
    Loved your “I hate Mac Users” post – alas I have one of those “Mac Users” as a boyfriend…

  3. Paul Neave

    I too was sceptical when I first signed up, but only in the last few months has Twitter crossed that critical mass so even your technophobe friends have heard of it.
    It’s like when Facebook first took off, or mobile phones, or sliced bread. Ah I remember those days when I dogmatically stuck to cutting up loaves with a breadknife – what a fool I was!

  4. drew

    I hated the idea of Twitter too, in more or less the same terms, and then I tried it out. I discovered that I was pretty much exactly right about it, and quit.
    In theory I like the idea of short, carefully crafted communication. But in practice, even if I use it this way, no one else does, and the noise is absolutely unmanageable. Your careful, thoughtful, occasional comments would have gotten swallowed up instantly in the flood of stupid, often passive-aggressive graffiti and replies to people I’m not following but my friends are replying to.
    I love the look and feel. I hate the usability.
    So don’t be afraid to say you were wrong twice and right the first time. It could happen.
    Mac OS, Windows, and Linux are the Democrats, Republicans, and Greens of the computer world. None of them are perfect and I vote consistently for the least broken, trying to focus on the issues and not the machinery.


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