Speaking at the IA Summit 2009

iasummit Tim Meaney (fellow partner at Arc90) and myself will be giving a talk at this year’s Information Architecture Summit in Memphis. It’s called Discovering & Mining The Everyday. A brief summary:

In our world today, machines are an indelible part of our everyday lives. We rely on powerful devices to help us find information, organize our lives and make decisions. What if all these machines that help us in our everyday lives actually “listened” to our actions? One of the most challenging aspects of the Semantic Web is introducing its concept and benefits to the everyday population. But do we really have to?

In this talk, we’ll contrast the way we make discoveries today by testing theories within controlled environments to a world where correlations can be discovered by simply peering into and querying data gathered out of our everyday actions.

We’ll provide examples of technologies that are partly doing this today. We’ll alsotouch on the privacy concerns that arise out of such endeavors. Finally, we’ll outline examples of how we may benefit from such a “universal semantic store.”

There’s been all kinds of press of late around the ability the derive answers out of our actions and how machines can help (e.g. Google predicting flu trends based on search patterns). It should be an interesting conversation.

Tim will be posting periodically on this topic at the Arc90 blog leading up to the conference. You can find out more about the IA Summit by visiting the conference website.

Finally, if you’re going to be there for the summit, or live in Memphis, don’t hesitate to drop me a line so we can meet in person.

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