What I Need…

needs Know what I need? I need some way to cherry pick the 20 or so Boing Boing posts actually worth reading out of my 634 unread.

I wish I could just click a button and remove the pressure. I like Boing Boing, but I don’t like Boing Boing enough to wade through 634 posts. Then again, it would have never reached that number had I liked them more.

Hmmm, maybe I don’t like Boing Boing after all. Unsubscribe?

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  1. Ben

    Aww man that’s like 2500 unread just on that screen grab… I get annoyed and have to have a mass cull when my Reader is at like 200! Seriously, why even have the subscription – you’ve practically mirrored the whole site Google Reader!

  2. Richard Ziade

    @Julien – I’m not really sure. I know that sites like Daily News & Boing Boing are quality, but I just can’t keep with 20+ posts per day.
    It just also pains me to abandon them…I think I want the best stuff out of that mix. Can I skip to the highlights somehow? that would be cool.
    You know what may also work – cap the unread bank. Make it only go up to 50. As soon as it trips 51, drop off the oldest post…

  3. Ale Muñoz

    Make it only go up to 50. As soon as it trips 51, drop off the oldest post…
    Oh! You might find http://www.planetaki.com/ interesting.
    They only keep your unread stuff for seven days. Some friends are using it along with (not instead of) Reader to keep up with some blogs, and they swear by it.

  4. colin

    Unsubscribe. I did long ago and never looked back — when the signal to noise ration is that bad, it’s just not worth it. The really unmissable stuff will reach you by other channels.
    Alternatively, feedafeever looks like it might be promising, I just can’t manage energy to migrate from google reader.
    Or just read the ones from the last few days and mark the rest as read, no hardwired cap necessary.


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