Introducing: Arc90

Nearly five years ago, a sort of resurgent movement was starting to take hold on the Internet. From the ashes of the dot-com apocalypse rose a new view of the Web as not only a place to serve up “Web pages” but as a platform. This was incredibly exciting to me. A series of trends seemed to all be converging at once: RSS, AJAX and the Rich Web and of course simple approachable API’s.

Beyond the technology that seemed to be materializing, a new philosophy was taking hold. This new movement was demystifying and knocking down the walls that had surrounded software building since software building began. Technology was no longer the sole domain of engineers and computer scientists. It was now capable of being exposed to good strategic thinking and thoughtful design. The walls were coming down.

Or at least they seemed to be. In my eyes, I wanted those walls to come down. As a non-technologist who loves technology, I relished the idea of creating a place where the walls no longer exist and everyone, from “business people” to the most hardcore of technology architects all worked together to achieve the same thing: build great technology products.

clip_image002Back in 2004, as I paced around my apartment in Atlanta all giddy with optimism, my cousin, an MBA student at the time, decided to sober me up and demanded I write down my thoughts of what I thought this so-called company represents. At first I was agitated that he didn’t want to just join the celebration. Eventually, I begrudgingly agreed to do a bit of homework.

He asked me to draft a vision document. I’ve actually been able to dig it up. Here is Arc90’s mission statement from five years ago :

Arc90 is a consulting firm that provides strategic and tactical talent that is trained and skilled in learning and understanding business domains and the challenges business face. Once domain knowledge is obtained, a unique problem-solving methodology is applied that welds together a strong grasp of technology trends and sound design methodologies to deliver tangible, compelling solutions to businesses.

Not bad. That vision has actually held up pretty well. Beyond that definition of “consulting firm” we’ve ventured out into product as well with Kindling, our idea management tool for companies. We’ve also been fortunate enough to have partnered with forward-looking clients that were in tune with our vision and had faith in our ability to deliver.

Looking back, it’s been an incredible five years. All the while, we went to great lengths to share our ideas and occasional experiment on our lab, and talked about all sorts of topics on our blog, but we never really bothered to tell the world who we really are…until now. Our new Web presence has just launched and it’s incredibly exciting to finally share a bit about ourselves and what we do with the rest of the world.

If you peel back all the marketing buzz and catchphrases, Arc90 is the sum total of a great group of people that share a passion for creating awesome, game-changing technology products. It’s this talented group that has made that vision a reality…and then some. This team is Arc90.

While it’s great to look back and share some of our achievements, we are all about looking forward and peeking around the bend. It’s part of our DNA. Whether for a particular client or in the halls of our lab, it’s this innovative forward-looking approach to design and development that has allowed us to thrive over the years.

I can’t wait to see what we come up with next…

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