A Short Story On How Not To Share Things

Imagine I bake a delicious batch of cookies. They’re still warm and mushy. I put them into a bowl while they’re nice and warm and walk them into the living room where a group of my friends are lounging around. I sit down and they get a whiff of my fresh batch of cookies.

I’m proud of my cookies and I look forward to sharing them and hopefully getting a few compliments in return. I put the bowl forward for all to share and enjoy. As soon as someone reaches for one, I grab their hand by the wrist.


That’s not nice. In fact, it’s rude. This is why I think paywalls will fail on the Web. They’re not nice and they’re rude.

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  1. Mark Fuqua

    If you owned a bakery, you might put some of your cookies up in the front window, but that would not mean you wanted everyone to just help themselves. In fact, if they do, you’re out of business.
    The internet begs for some sort of micro payment method. That way, content creators, who can no longer dream of riches via a blockbuster song or book, which everyone seems to feel entiltled to steal, will be able to make a living creating content. Create really good content and make really good money.
    Run an average blog and get a few dollars from ads. If you’re doing it for fun, that’s all good and fine, but if you want to really spend crazy time and talent creating great content, you have to get paid somehow. The ad model doesn’t work well enough.

  2. Rich Ziade

    Mark –
    I agree. You do have to get paid. I’m just not sure paywalls are the way to solve it.
    I feel like – on the Web – the cat is out of the bag. People share and it’s a good will all around. So I’m not sure you can go back from that without creating a negative sentiment about your stuff.
    There’s got to be a better way…

  3. Rory

    Who said they want to share anything? The goal is not sharing or “hopefully getting a few compliments,” the goal of a business is making money. You are leaning on a faulty premise for your whole argument.
    I’m with Mark, cookies in the window or the smell emanating from the bakery (cf. Cinnabon) should not make anyone think they are going to get a free cookie.


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