Incredibly Good Non-Technology Related Deliciousness: Sam’s Bakery is Open for Business!

Disclaimer: I am woefully and helplessly biased in the following endorsement:

I’m a big fan of the Family Owned Business. I’d personally jump on any chance to experience the distillation of years of experience, knowledge and just that indefinable family-ness of a business. You can manufacture history, nostalgia and authenticity or it can be real.

And it doesn’t get any more real than Sam’s Bakery. The Cafe at Sam’s Bakery is located in Brooklyn, New York. Sam is my mom, short for Samia and…how do I say this subtly:


low_angle_sheet_large I’m no food critic, but you really have to experience it to fully appreciate why Sam’s baklava is so special. It isn’t soppy or doused in honey. It’s a subtle, rose water-infused flavor that plays between flaky, crunchy and moist. It’s an old family recipe that is under 24 hour lockdown in my mama’s mind.

If you care about eating awesome things, go order some. As a special promotion to my loyal baklava-loving readers, enter coupon code BASEMENTBAKLAVA to get 30% off any order. There’s other tasty stuff on there as well. It makes for a great gift too. We’re talking marriage-saving gift here folks.

To all the Brooklynites (which seems to be just about everyone I meet these days), I highly recommend visiting the cafe in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It has amazing wood roasted coffee from  Millar’s Coffee, shipped all the way from Washington state, a communal table for making friends and of course, free organic wifi.

If you order some or visit, I’d love to hear your feedback. In fact, you can email my mom directly. She’d love to hear your feedback too. Just be warned, she’ll email you back…every day…forever.

4 Comments Incredibly Good Non-Technology Related Deliciousness: Sam’s Bakery is Open for Business!

  1. Joel P

    As a friend put it after trying Sam’s baklava, “if this baklava were a woman, it would have a ring on its finger right now.” It’s an order of magnitude better than any other baklava I’ve ever had.

  2. raymond Prucher

    richard… i had a funny feeling… inte arabi? your mom makes bitlawa in bay ridge… anyway, the rose water gave it away, friend… i will make sure to stop by the next time i’m in bay ridge… and of course a visit to the sam’s website tells it all… okay, no worries, the secret is safe with me… but how is her knafeh? ;) thank you for readability, and thanks for the tip on the best baklavah in the world!


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