I Want a New iPod Nano and I Feel Stupid About It: A Frivolous Meditation on iPods and Immortality

Youth is to all the glad reason of life; but often only by what it hopes, not by what it attains, or what it escapes.

– Thomas Carlyle

I want a new iPod Nano.

I saw an ad for it. I’m not really sure where. It might’ve just been a billboard or a bus stop or something. Soon after, I decided I wanted one.

I don’t need one. Not only do I not need one, I can’t even put together a case for how I would even make use of one. I already own an iPhone 4 with tons of memory. My entire music collection is already in my pocket. The iPhone 4 is a far better experience for listening to music.

So why do I want one?

I wanted one because it’s new. Amazon lists it precisely as:

Apple iPod nano 16 GB Graphite (6th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

Generations of iPod nanos have lived before this one. They’ve all died before this generation. They paved the way. This sixth generation will die soon as well, probably in about a year.

I want this new nano because it represents something beyond storage size and sound quality. iPods flattened out in terms of core features years ago. It would be nothing more than a burden for me.

So why do I want one?

I want one because it’s newness represents new life. We are willing to spend money on useless, frivolous objects because they represent immortality and renewal. They represent youth and freshness. They are our own feeble attempts to defy time and find new hope and possibility.

In a warped sense we’re all grandparents, clamoring for our sons and daughters to get on with it and get us some grandkids already. As we face the inevitable march of time, we crave these opportunities for renewal.

iPods. Cars. TV’s. They all tap into our basic primal desire to live forever. We don’t want a rugged, upgradeable iPod. We want the illusion of starting over.

1 Comment I Want a New iPod Nano and I Feel Stupid About It: A Frivolous Meditation on iPods and Immortality

  1. Oscar

    I have owned a PS3 for a while and a couple of times colleagues asked me if its worth getting one. I have proceed to tell them how great it is for all its benefits (games, 3d blue ray, cheaper than ever…) and how I really enjoy mine.
    When they tell me they’re are going to buy one, I get jealous and wish I was buying one for myself too. i dont get it.


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