Strip Generator

strip Strip Generator is a charming Flash app that lets you create comic strips by simply dragging and dropping elements onto a row of comic cells. Fun and the artwork has a great style to it. The site also catalogs strips created by others.

Swiss Miss Redesigns

Swiss Miss, Tina Roth Eisenberg’s consistently excellent design blog, recently launched a redesign. It’s a nice upgrade. Of course, I would’ve never noticed it because I pretty much live inside my feed reader.

The grid view works beautifully with a site like Tina’s:


Arc90 NY Tech Get-Together (Keywords: Beer, Beers)

beer-bottle-chilling-out-funny-humor-picture As I surf around my usual tech destinations, I’m always hearing about this event and that Foo camp happening in Northern California. Well, as residents of New York City (the greatest frickin’ city on this here earth), Arc90 has decided, in a fit of jealousy and latent envy, to have our very own networking get-together.

There will be beer and there will be something to eat with the beer. If you’re in the NY technology and design community (or, umm, want to be in) well then RSVP and join us. It should be a lot of fun.

It’s on the evening of February 12. You’ll find all the info here. See you there!

Here Comes The Hurricane. Let’s Go Surfing!

Yes, these are trying days for most businesses. Cutbacks, layoffs, the rounds of statistics seems never-ending. It all seems to be signaling the same thing:

Hunker down, board up the windows and ride out the storm.

This looks like prudent advice, but that’s not what everyone is doing. In the midst of all this chaos and uncertainty, some actually take risks and exploit the dynamics at play.

Tim Meaney’s maiden blog post on the brand-spankin’ new Kindling blog explores these ideas further:

Companies that invest in their future during this period, a period where existing markets are shrinking or drying up entirely, stand a better chance of emerging out of this in a stronger position than competitors that do not.

Well put.

For the unfamiliar, the Kindling Blog is a resource for discussions around innovation and ideas within groups, and of course Kindling.

Note: The title for this post was inspired by this dude:

Flight Simulator’s Last Flight

The big news yesterday in the tech world is that Microsoft will be laying off 5,000 people over the next year or so. It’s a sobering reminder that just about nobody is insulated from this downturn.

For me at least, it’s hard to fully grasp numbers when people start talking in the thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions. It only translates into “a lot” in my head. It’s only after I dive in and hear about the stories of what got affected do I start to appreciate the gravity of things.

It turns out one of the franchises is a casualty of the cutbacks. It looks like Flight Simulator will be no more. I’ll be the first to admit it. I don’t play Flight Simulator anymore. I haven’t played it in years. But I remember the first time I took off on an old 386 PC. The graphics were beyond crude. It was all a silly trick back then, simulating flight. But man was it awesome. It was my first taste of real-time control of 3D. The whole experience pretty much solidified my love for technology and computers.


Flight Simulator wasn’t really a game back then. It still isn’t for the most part. You didn’t really shoot at anything or kill anything and nobody was keeping score. It was just so much fun to pretend to fly.

It makes you wonder what’s left to invent in technology that conjures that type of “Holy shit! How the hell…” reaction.

I hope Flight Simulator somehow survives. It’s a big part of gaming and personal computing history and the latest version looks amazing (though I have no clue how commercially successful it is). We’ll just have to see.

Ah the good ol’ days! Nothing impresses these kids nowadays. Oh wait…